How to Winterize Your Mailbox

We can all agree that receiving mail is important, even more so during the holidays. Delivery carriers will try their best to make sure you receive your mail. However, this can become a challenge if your mailbox isn’t easily accessible because of snow buildup. Taking a few steps to ensure access and visibility of your mailbox goes a long way in helping carriers deliver. Make sure to follow this advice during winter, to avoid a stop in mail delivery or having to make post office arrangements.


Check that your mailbox is able to open and close properly. Remember that winter months can bring heavy wind and snow, which may cause your mailbox door to fall open easier than other seasons. A mailbox that stays open will expose your mail to the elements. You may need to adjust the door latch to adjust for the weather changes.

mailbox covered in snow


Most counties and cities are not responsible for replacing your mailbox or post, unless directly hit by a snowplow. Most of the time though, it’s the weight of snow hitting or gathering around your mailbox that causes it damage. If you can “shake” your post, consider compacting the soil by the base of the post so that it doesn’t begin to lean when snow starts to buildup. Keep snow and any other debris clear and away from your mailbox. This will make it easier for it to be seen, and accessible. Just make sure not to shovel any snow back into the streets.


Placing reflective markers along your driveway or curb can help drivers avoid your mailbox. Use blue or clear markers, as opposed to orange and red so they’re not confused as vehicle lights in the night. Take this time to also update any worn out, illegible address stickers to help carriers identify the correct address.