Monograms, Plaque and House Numbers

In addition to our decorative mailboxes and mailbox posts, we offer a wide range of house numbers and accessories designed to complement your aesthetic tastes perfectly. All of our house numbers undergo a five-step process to reveal the natural beauty of each metal. Our first step is casting. Brass ingots are melted and sand casted into a near-net shape of the finished product, using slightly more material than necessary. After casting comes the forging process. Under extreme force, the sand casting is impacted at room temperature between two mating molds, called forging hammers. The extra material is then forced out of the mold along the gap between the molds. Cold forging aligns the material’s grain structure to produce very strong parts. It also improves surface consistency and reduces surface blemishes, which is important for decorative items such as address numbers. The third step is trimming, in which the extra material that was forced out during the forging process is trimmed from the part. The fourth step is sanding, where the number’s surface is sanded to eliminate blemishes. The fifth and final step is polishing and lacquering. In this last step, the surface is further polished to reach the desired gloss level, and then lacquered to protect it. Each number is complete with hidden mounting screws to avoid unsightly holes and screw heads after hanging. Hang them flush against your wall or mailbox post for a floating numbers effect. At 4” and 5”, they are a convenient fit for any surface.

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