House Numbers

The Solid Brass 4″ and 5″ house numbers offer seven classically elegant finishes – antique brass, antique copper, satin nickel, dark aged copper and newly added antique pewter, black and polished brass. Each house number is hand finished in a premium metallic finish. They can be mounted either flush with the wall or you can leave the mounting screws partially out of the holes for a floating number effect. No holes or unsightly screw heads are shown.


HOUSE NUMBER:  10 gauge (2.5 mm) forged brass
FINISH: Premium metallic finish

4": 3582APA, 3582B, 3582PB, 3582AB, 3582AC, 3582DC, 3582SN

5": 3585APA, 3585B, 3585PB, 3585AB, 3585AC, 3585DC, 3585SN


Forging Process

forging process no background

Dimensions (4 inch)

3582_A website

Dimensions (5 inch)

3585_A website

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