PROJECT GUIDE | Mailbox Installation

Installing a mailbox may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually relatively quick and easy. Once you choose the right mailbox for your home, the project can be completed in as little as a few hours. For guidance, we put together some basic steps on how to install a mailbox.


☐ Phillips Screw driver ☐ Level ☐ Shovel ☐ Post Hole Digger ☐ Tape Measure ☐ 2 Support Beams
☐ Post Mount Mailbox ☐ Post ☐ Mounting Board & Hardware (usually included with a new post) ☐ Concrete (optional) ☐ House Numbers (optional)

STEP 1. Dig a Post Hole

USPS guidelines state that post mount mailboxes should be installed at a height of 41-45 inches from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox, and face 6-8 inches away from the road.





Use the measuring tape to mark a spot the appropriate distance away from the road to install the mailbox post.

Using a post hole digger, dig a hole at the marked spot deep enough so that the height of your mailbox is about 42 inches above the surface. You should not dig more than 24 inches deep.

Tip: It’s always smart to call 811 before digging for any project to avoid hitting underground utilities.

STEP 2: Position the Mailbox Post

Place the post inside the hole. Using support beams to hold the post in place, measure to make sure that the length from the ground to the bottom of the mailbox meets about 42 in.

Next, check that the post is straight and parallel to the road with the level. Readjust if needed.

If using concrete, go to Step 3.

If you’re not using concrete, use the shovel to carefully fill the hole back in with the same dirt. Pack the ground around the post to make sure the post is sturdy. Use the level to make sure the post is straight and even with the road while filling back in. Make adjustments as needed during this time.

Tip: Double-check your mailbox post product instructions and follow those while using this guideline.

STEP 3: Pour Concrete

Check the manufacturer instructions for the concrete to prepare properly. Pour the prepared concrete into the hole around the post. Do not fill the concrete all the way up to the surface. You should leave at least a few inches of space near the top.

Use the level to make sure the post is still straight and even with the road while the concrete is drying. Make adjustments as needed during this time. Allow the concrete to fully dry according to the manufacturer instructions. Keep the post support beams in place until the concrete is completely dry.

STEP 4: Attach Mailbox

Follow the manufacturer instructions to attach the mailbox to the mounting board using the holes located on either the bottom or side of the mailbox. Make sure your mailbox is level, and adjust as needed.

Tip: Most posts come with a mounting bracket and hardware to install a mailbox, but you can also buy mailbox mounting boards separately if needed.

STEP 5: Add Finishing Touches

Add house numbers at least 1” tall so that your address can be easily identified.


☐ Drill ☐ Phillips Screwdriver ☐ Tape Measure ☐ Level
☐ Wall Mount Mailbox ☐ Mounting Hardware ☐ Pencil

STEP 1: Choose Location

Choose your desired installation location. Make sure you place the mailbox at an appropriate height that can be easily accessed by a mail carrier and your family.

STEP 2: Mark Mailbox Placement

Hold the mailbox against the structure. Use the level to make sure it’s straight, then open the mailbox and make a mark through the mounting holes. This is where you’ll drill the installation screws.

Tip: Many wall mount mailboxes include a hole pattern installation guide on the instruction sheet or carton.

STEP 3: Drill Holes & Install

Drill into the pencil marks you made. For wood panel walls, the screw length into the wall should be approximately 1”. For masonry, stucco or metal walls, use a minimum #8 plastic anchor and screw.

Install mounting hardware into the wall, then hang the mailbox.


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