First Chicago Woman MailCarrier

“Mrs. Jeanette Lea, 22, is the first and only female mail carrier for the city of Chicago in 1944. Lea is posing, on Dec. 15, 1944, in the truck she drives to pick up mail. The Tribune reported, “Meet Chicago’s first woman mail truck driver. She is Mrs. Jeannette Lea, 22, of 6210 Harper Ave., who is attached to the South Shore post office, 2207 E. 75th Street. She started Thursday and yesterday made the collection trip alone. ‘I’d like to have more drivers like her,’ Supt. Michael C. McCarthy said. ‘She keeps to her schedule and can handle a truck like a veteran. I’m certainly satisfied.’ The woman driver is a widow with a 3 year old daughter.” Photo by Bill Allison of the Chicago Herald American. Notice the name discrepancy between the Tribune and Chicago Herald American reports. The Smithsonians’ National Postal Museum gives her name as Jeannette Lee, not Lea. “- @VintageTribune #vintagechicago #firstwomen #chicagopostoffice #womenmailcarriers #mailcarrier #rosietheriveter #USPS #mail #mailchic #mailman