I lost my keys. What do I do?

Oh no! Let’s help you fix that. Email support@architecturalmailboxes.com with the model number of your mailbox (this can be found either on a tag underneath the mailbox or embossed on the backside of the mailbox. You can also look through our website’s All Products page to determine the model number). Depending on the model of your mailbox, you may need either a new lock OR pre-cut keys. In your email, please include:

1. Mailbox Model Number

2. Your full name

3. Mailing address

IF you have determined your mailbox is the 6200 Oasis Classic or 620020 Oasis TriBolt, you will need to purchase pre-cut replacement keys. Please also include:

4. Quantity of cut keys being requested (minimum order quantity is 2 keys)

5. The code on the face of your lock

6. Proof of purchase (this is to ensure continued security of your mail)

Please allow at least 3 weeks to receive your custom pre-cut keys which must be fabricated and shipped from our factory.