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March 29th, 2013

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The anniversary gift that turned into an elephant!

March 22nd, 2013

The elephantrunk keeps you from missing a delivery and from a delivery going missing.

It was July of 1999 and we were about to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. My husband Chris had purchased a gift for me online and had it shipped to our home. He tracked the parcel on the day of delivery and saw that it had been delivered shortly after 3:00 pm that day. He left his office before 5:00 pm to make sure he beat me home to intercept the parcel before I arrived home. Although he did beat me home that day, much to his surprise he discovered that the parcel had been stolen right off of our front porch.

It was that incident that spurred the creation of our elephantrunk™ parcel drop. We knew that internet shopping would continue to grow and the need for a secure receptacle to receive parcels would be a necessity. Experts were saying that every home would have at least one computer someday. We all look back at those days and say, only one? really?

The very first elephantrunk was large enough to receive a desktop computer monitor. You know the ones that were as big as the tube TV sets we all had in our homes? Shortly after the first elephantrunk was produced the flat screen came out making our elephantrunk obsolete before it even hit the market. At that point we decided to shelf the concept and develop it at a later time when we had a better understanding of online buying trends and parcel size. Remember, back then there were no data available on what people were buying online so we did not know what our targeted size should be.

As internet shopping rates have soared so has the rate of stolen parcels. As a matter of fact, these thieves are referred to as “porch pirates”. With most parcels being delivered to your porch when you are at work, they are easy prey for those with sticky fingers. This past holiday season I read countless stories and watched several videos on YouTube showing porch pirates caught on tape. In some cases these pirates are so brazen they follow the UPS and FedEx trucks around while they deliver to a neighborhood. I suppose this is their version of Holiday shopping.

The good news is that we have brought back the elephantrunk and have a new design that supports what people are ordering online in the 21st Century. Our new design can accept parcel sizes that account for nearly 50% of the $240 billion spent online in 2012. This is represented by small electronics, laptops, smartphones, tablet devices, books, apparel, shoes and pharmaceuticals, one of the fastest growing online segments.

It’s time to stop these porch pirates. Installation is quick, easy and secure. The 3 point locking mechanism on the storage compartment is a great deterrent. Let these pirates do their shopping on someone else’s porch.

Why Zulily? Zulily customers value innovation, design and a great deal. Many of the items sold on Zulily fit nicely inside an elephantrunk. The elephantrunk will allow Zulily orders to be delivered to their customers safely and securely. Once again, Zulily is offering a fresh new product to their customers.

The elephantrunk parcel drop – Always home, even when you’re not.

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The Power of a Handwritten Note

March 20th, 2013

People seldom send them anymore, giving well-crafted notes great power. Here’s how to write one that really counts.

Some Dos:

– Send them for reasons other than to thank or console
– Mind your writing; penmanship and grammar
– Send the note right away

“Never use this opportunity to ask for something more” Vanessa Troyer, CEO of Architectural Mailboxes LLC

Article via Work Reimagined. Read the article here: The Power of a Handwritten Note.

Architectural Mailboxes - The Art of a Handwritten Note

Earth Day – How To Reuse your Mailbox

March 15th, 2013

Earth Day 2013 | Architectural Mailboxes

What’s Inside The Box!?

We will be sharing some fun and creative ways that you can reuse your mailbox in collaboration with Earth Day.

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