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WSB reader video: Package theft reported

West Seattle Blog reader video, from 5th SW in Highland Park, showing what appears to be a package theft (the parcel, says the victim, contained an "expensive motorcycle helmet"). Seattle Police are investigating.

Woman Steal Childs Gifts From Porch, Grinch

Neighbors in one Spring community are on alert, but this is a warning for anyone expecting packages. Residents say they've learned it doesn't matter what neighborhood you live in, packages just aren't safe on porches.

Woman steals UPS packages off the porch

We have benefited from having video security as seen by the attached video — we captured a thief stealing our UPS packages on my Logitech WiLife Security Cameras on Wednesday February 1st, 2012.

Thieves swipe packages from doorsteps

'Tis the season to buy gifts and a lot of people are buying them online and having them shipped to their house, but thieves in some communities have been swiping packages right of peoples' doorsteps.

UPS Package Thief

This woman followed UPS truck (with another man in an old black car), after the UPS personnel dropped the package at my front door she came in and stole the packages (The other package is from USPS). She thought she got a clean get away but my surveillance camera got her red handed. If you know this thief, please call the Temple City Police at (626) 285-7171. Please put this scumbag away before she could do more harms to others.

West Valley homeowner catches package thief

Police say thief followed UPS truck and acted fast.

Univ of New Haven, Brian Smith on Package Thefts

WTIC Fox Connecticut, December 4: UNH professor Brian Smith comments on the rise of courier-delivered package theft during the holiday season. Footage courtesy of WTIC Fox Connecticut.

Package Theft from my porch, December 18 2012, San Jose CA

Some D-Bag stealing a fedex package off the porch, December 18 2012. They were working as a pair of vehicles, a silver sedan and a white mini-van. Unfortunately I can't read the license plate but got a pretty good view of the guy stealing the package from the porch.

Neighbor caught stealing USPS Mail Package

Postman leaves a package ($20 laptop lid) at my front door. 2 hours later my next-door neighbor (of 3-yrs) grabs it and puts it in his car trunk.

Caught on tape: UPS Package Thieves

We have had several items mysteriously disappearing from our common areas. 1 week ago we installed a new video security system and on Friday we found the culprits to our missing stuff.

Oregonian Package Theft - package stolen by paper delivery person

Thief followed FedEx and stole our package

Camera catches package thief in the act stealing Christmas gifts

Package theft from a porch on 12/08/12 - Logan Drive, Fremont CA

On 12/08/12 a package theft occurred on the 38700 block of Logan Drive. The suspect vehicle drives by the residence in a white vehicle (possibly a Honda Civic) makes a u-turn and then drives back to the house where it parks. The driver gets out and uses his jacked to conceal the package he takes off the porch? Do you recognize this suspect? Call 510-790-6900 or leave us a tip at

Package theft on 7/28 in Ballard, Seattle, WA

Video of man stealing of porch in broad daylight

Package theft 30 Oct 2012

Video of man stealing a replacement security camera and some coffee.

$15,000 in Gold, Silver Bars Stolen from Plymouth Meeting Porch

Nearly $15,000 worth of gold and silver bars were lifted from the porch of a Plymouth Meeting home last month, in an apparent botched delivery by FedEx, a Whitemarsh Police report says.

Hightstown Police Blotter: Theft of Delivered Package

A Rogers Avenue resident’s package was stolen on Oct. 14 between 9:15 a.m. and 9:35 a.m., when tracking information indicated the package was delivered.

Packages Stolen From Mailbox

Many of us order items online and anxiously wait for them to arrive. Debra Escalante contacted 11 News after she says she discovered someone had been stealing her mail and most importantly, her packages.

Package Theft Rising as More Order Online

(NEW YORK) -- Wondering why that gift you ordered online a week ago hasn't arrived yet? Well, it may not be the retailer's fault or the result of slow shipping. What's been occurring more often are thieves swiping packages from doorsteps.

Package Theft on Warner Hill Road

Police are investigating a package theft reported by a Warner Hill Road resident on Friday.

Gloucester Police/Fire: Woman reports $190 package stolen from home

GLOUCESTER — Police took a report Monday alleging that a package worth about $190 was stolen from a Perkins Street woman’s home in late November.

Suspect arrested in UPS package theft

Philadelphia Police say surveillance video led to the arrest of a suspect wanted for stealing UPS packages in South Philadelphia last month.

UPS Package theft

The Malden Police Department is attempting to identify the unknown female party who can be seen removing a UPS package from a victim's porch.

Mason Street Package Theft Salem

Here's a quick update about a recent theft that sparked a conversation among our readers about package safety in Salem.

Salem Police Narrowing Search for Package Thief [VIDEO]

Police Bust Alleged Parcel Thieves, Find Lots of Meth

Residents had reported that thieves swiped packages from their properties, so police upped the patrols in the affected neighborhoods.

Trio caught for alleged parcel thefts in South Pasadena

SOUTH PASADENA - Three people were arrested after officers found methamphetamine and stolen UPS packages during a traffic stop Tuesday. South Pasadena police have been looking into incidents of packages being stolen from doorsteps.

Staten Island parcel thief refuses to give up the goods, cops allege

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A Stapleton woman took her neighbor’s parcel, then told police she had no intention of returning the phone supplies she found inside, since she was “still using” them, according to police.

Fremont: Female ex-con suspected of porch package theft pleads not guilty

FREMONT -- An ex-con suspected of stealing a postal package and food for the needy from a Fremont porch, a theft captured on video surveillance that went viral last year, pleaded not guilty to charges including felony petty theft on Thursday.

Woman charged with stealing FedEx packages off porches in Riverside

A woman has been charged with theft for allegedly stealing packages from people’s front porches in west suburban Riverside.

Package Thefts Reported to Police

Montclair Police saw multiple incidents involving stolen packages, as well as a stolen car and an attempted burglary on Elmwood Avenue last week.

Package Theft Reported on Lalley Boulevard

Police are on the lookout for a manwho reportedlystole a package from the front steps of a Lalley Boulevard home on Sunday. A witness said the man took the package off her neighbor's steps and drove off, discarding the box and its contents on Rowland Road.

Package-theft victim works with police to catch 2 suspects

Beaverton, Oregon Dr. finds stolen package being sold on Ebay.

Neighborhood Block Watch Catches New Haven Criminals

Any time there's suspicious activity around the East Rock section of New Haven, the SoHu Neighborhood Association is on the case and makes sure police are too.

Police investigating stolen packages in New Haven

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - Police in New Haven arrested a homeless man, who is accused of stealing packages off of people's doorsteps in the area south of Humphrey Street.
Package Taken from Porch

Theft: Police received a report at 4:05 p.m. that a neighbor to a property on Chinook Avenue observed someone removing a package delivered by UPS to the victim's front porch. It contained a pair of boots valued at about $100.

POLICE BEAT: Hoboken undercover cops grab suspect in theft of parcel from building lobby

A Union City man was arrested Tuesday afternoon after police say they caught him stealing a parcel from the front lobby of a Hoboken apartment building.

Santa Barbara Police Warn of UPS, FedEx Parcel Thefts

The Santa Barbara Police Department issued a warning Thursday after receiving reports of thefts of UPS and FedEx packages. Sgt. Riley Harwood said delivered parcels are being stolen from front doorsteps.

Gillette Police Department Recommendations to Avoid Holiday Parcel Thefts

The Gillette Police Department receives an increased number of reports during the holiday season of stolen packages from residential and commercial doorsteps. With the holidays quickly approaching, there are an increased number of packages left outside of homes and businesses for delivery.

Package Stolen Off Resident's Porch in Trenton

A 28-year-old man reported a package was stolen off his porch at about 6 p.m. Jan. 16 in the 400 block of Atwood Street. The man told police the package containing two cell phones valued at about $100 each was shipped to him by his cousin. Delivery of the package was confirmed by the United Parcel Service (UPS) at 2:20 p.m. Jan. 7, according to a Trenton police report. The man said he never saw the package.

Police: Avoid Package Thefts By Planning Ahead

Metropolitan Police officers are trying to prevent package theft during the holidays by patrolling areas looking for suspicious activities, but they also ask for residents to do their part to prevent theft.

Parcel Package Theft, Arrest in the Villages

Sleepy Hollow Police Chief Gregory Camp advises citizens, in this season of online ordering and home deliveries, to be watchful for anything suspicious in their neighborhood.

FedEx: Prevent package theft with these tips

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)-- The shipping giant FedEx says today they will handle more than 19 million packages. That shatters a single day record they set back in 2005 sending 9.5 million packages.

Package Stolen From Front Porch of Sweetwater Farms Home

Lower Southampton Police are investigating the theft of a UPS package from the front porch of a home in Lower Southampton.

Beware of Holiday Package Theft

The holiday rush is people shopping for that special holiday gift for loved ones. Many people choose to shop online and have their gifts delivered but not everyone is receiving their packages. Videos like this one seen all over the internet. Delivery people dropping off packages and then moments later, someone walks up and takes a box right off the front doorstep.

Police urge caution after Loch Raven Village package thefts

Baltimore County Police are urging residents to be careful with packages delivered to their homes after a pair of package thefts in the 1600 block of Loch Ness Road in the Loch Raven Village portion of Towson this month.,0,4913283.story


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